Principal Message

Jogendra Singh Bhadouria

Developing values and the right attitudes is the one challenge that every Principal has to confront against all Odds in the 21st Century. Coupled with academic excellence, children should also be guided to live together in a society with a community feeling of goodwill. Setting examples of tolerance is a prerogative and none the less a virtue that has to get inculcated in the young minds to foster place in the society. Mental stress which builds up due to various reasons has to be combatted and the best way to relieve, is through Yoga , which we are envisaging to incorporate as an integral system in our institution.

“Excel for the sake of Excellence “ is the motto and excel we shall for this resplendent section of our society. Given the love and care, we’ ll be blessed with a highly developed mind with wisdom , vision , sanity and the much required maturity to explore ones talent potential and touch the pinnacles of success.

Jogendra Singh Bhadouria
St. V.S. Public School.