Chairman Message

Painted aqua blue background with canvas texture.
Students, our motive is to provide quality for better education for the all-round development the child. Education is the manifestation divine power that already exist in men so we are just a medium to pull out that power which helps students to stand and face today’s world. Education teaches us uniformity, inculcate the power of thinking. In school, students learn brotherhood which is the primary need of our nation. India is a country of variations therefore, to know about such a large country and its customs the knowledge provided in home is inadequate.  In school we celebrate various festivals of India and in process students learn about various religious and tradition.

St. V.S. Public School founded in Agra will provide an atmosphere of knowledge and skills by integrating modern techniques in the soul of Indian traditions to compete in today’s world.

Maharaj Singh Dhangar
St. V.S. Public School